5 Tips to go on while visiting Madeira

28. 7. 2019

They say that Madeira is better for (sight)seeing than for swimming. These five trips more or less prove that. We have chosen four places where you will experience absolute eyegasm. Because we know that all of you surely like swimming in the sea, we have added one more tip, which will point you in the direction of a beautiful spot for frolicking in crystal clear water.

1. Madeira’s oldest trees (Fanal)

This part of Madeira looks more like the landscape of a Scandinavian country. For most of the year, it is foggy and it is more akin to the temperate zone. There you will find grazing cows and trees that have been growing there for hundreds of years. When the fog finally ebbs away, a beautiful view of the ocean and circumjacent nature unfolds in front of you.

2. Madeira’s hig­hest peaks

Two of the highest peaks of the Madeira island are Pico Ruivo and Pico Arreiero. Their highest points are located at around 1800 m above sea level. During winter the temperature is usually around 0 °C, so we recommend you put on some warm clothes.

3. The Gabo Girao cliff

One of the most beautiful sights on the Madeira island is the lofty sea cliff called Gabo Girao. It is located in the vicinity of the capital and you can go right to it by car or by bus. The cliff offers a beautiful view of the surrounding nature and the endless ocean.

4. Botanical garden

Among other things, Madeira is well known for its botanical gardens. They are located mostly on the outskirts of the capital city. Some of them can be reached by a cableway that runs through the city center.

5. Natural swimming pools in Porto Moniz

Do you still want to go for a swim? The natural swimming pools in Porto Moniz offer an unforgettable swimming experience. That is thanks to the fact that you are swimming in a manmade swimming pool, however, the waves come right from the ocean. You can travel to Porto Moniz from the capital – by car or by bus. The journey takes two hours at most.

Additional information about each of these tips, together with a picture and a map describing the way to the particular spot, will follow next week. Stay tuned!

Photo by: Filip Zverina
Translation by: Michael Beránek