5 Best times to visit Madeira

25. 7. 2019

1. When the tickets are the cheapest

Usually, the tickets are at their lowest price from October to March. During these months you can get from Prague to Madeira (incl. one stopover in Lisboa or Amsterdam) for 3500 CZK (roughly 135 EUR, 125 GBP or 150 USD). However, you can fly with only one piece of cabin luggage. Of course, you can take additional luggage with you, but it will cost you 1500 CZK more (around 60 EUR, 55 GBP or 65 USD).

2. Going for the shortest flight time

If you want to spend as little time as possible on the plane, we recommend you fly during the holidays. From June until mid-September you can find direct flights from Prague to the capital, Funchal. The flight takes around 4.5 hours and it will cost you approximately 6000–9000 CZK including luggage (roughly 240–360 EUR, 220–330 GBP or 260–390 USD).

3. Traveling on the New Year’s Eve

On this particular day, the tickets are usually the most expensive. They can cost you up to 15000 CZK (around 600 EUR, 550 GBP or 650 USD). The height of the price is in line with the higher demand for flights to Madeira. According to travel websites, New Year’s Eve on Madeira is among the top three most amazing ones in Europe.

4. Aiming at a lot of sun and swimming

Madeira lies in the subtropical zone and the weather is warm throughout the whole year. If you want to get some tan and spend a lot of time in the sea, we recommend traveling in the period from May to October. It is also possible to go for a swim on New Year’s Eve. Around that time the water is cold but not that much, so it is suitable for beginning winter swimmers.

5. During the festival period

The festival period is the source of some of the best memories of Madeira. In Madeira, there is a wide variety of festivals taking place, from flower ones to dancing ones, similar to those known from Rio de Janeiro.

Photo by: Filip Zverina
Translation by: Michael Beránek